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Why Choose Solo Guitar?

Solo guitar is an amazing instrument. In the right hands, it’s capable of producing melody, harmony, and rhythm all at the same time. Some have called it the "Lap Piano" or the "Mini Orchestra". Here are a few reasons why solo instrumental guitar could be the best choice for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour:
Affordable: With a solo guitarist performing, there’s no need to hire additional musicians or rent extra equipment. 
Versatile: Virtually all styles can be played on solo guitar. Whether you want “Here Comes the Bride” or “Here Comes the Sun” when you walk down the aisle, the guitar can do it all.
Minimal Setup: Whether the event is indoors or out, the only equipment required is a small, unobtrusive amplifier which can be quickly and easily set up, moved and broken down. The music for your entire ceremony, including Prelude, Ceremony, Post Ceremony and Cocktail Hour can be played using this simple setup.
Can be Virtual: You can enjoy live streaming solo instrumental guitar music at your virtual gathering via YouTube Live, Google Meet, Zoom, and other streaming services. Gordon has a home studio capable of streaming High Definition video and sound for your event.
If there's anything the pandemic has taught us (besides religious hand washing and social distancing), it's the power of technology. We are lucky to live in a digital age where information is at our fingertips, video chat is on our screens. Every special occasion deserves a celebration and virtual music makes it possible! Click HERE for a complimentary consultation on how YOU can have live music at YOUR virtual event. 
A remote wedding isn't for everyone. If you need to postpone your in-person wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, but STILL want some quality time with your wedding party and guests, host a virtual pre-wedding bash!
Consider having a live stream bridal shower or even a bachelor-party-themed virtual happy hour! Just because we're socially distanced doesn't mean the socializing has to stop. Take advantage of technology and use it to get your nearest and dearest together now. We promise it'll lift your spirits and get everyone even more excited for the big day to come!
Many couples are opting for streamed ceremonies now with plans to host vow renewal ceremonies, receptions, or just a really awesome party to celebrate after this pandemic blows over and people are able to gather again. So even if you have a digital ceremony today, you can STILL have your dream wedding later.
Bonus: By the time your new wedding date comes around, the pressure is off! You're already married AND you get to marry your favorite person twice.
While social distancing, I provide streaming music on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live. And if you can't decide on just one, why not stream to multiple websites so your guests have options? Click on the button below for a complimentary consultation about your Virtual Event. Let's talk about it!

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